"...For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy..." Rev 19:10


Marital Siege broken

I am one of the returning members of this great commission and want to give God the glory for bringing ma back home. I received a flyer from the church that invited all embattled winners to church. This was towards the end of the first phase of the ‘Wonder Double’ prophetic agenda. I decided to return home and fully participate in the Matt 6:33 mission. Although it was a week for the prophetic agenda to end, I told myself that the law of the 11th hour laborer covered me. I came to church that week with two souls and the same week I got a call that I was one of the awardees of a brand new car. When Bishop David Oyedepo declared the second phase of ‘Operation Rescue’, I engaged fully. On one morning raid, I invited a lady who had lost hope in marriage and men to the Marital Banquet Sunday service. She asked if I was married and I told her ‘No but I am certain my marital issue would be settled’. During the Marital Breakthrough Banquet, Bishop David Oyedepo prophesied some people would receive their marital breakthrough today. On that same day, I got home and received a message from a business contact that had not called me for a long time. He proposed to me that same day. The lady I invited to church for the marital breakthrough banquet service also called to share her testimony that she got a marriage proposal the Monday after the Banquet service. The God of ‘Wonder Double’ indeed is a rewarder!

Deliverance from Afflictions and Generational Curses.

I was born in a church and stayed there for seven days; during that time, my mother told God to preserve my life as she did not want me to die. I was the third child she had that was meant to die, but she told God to keep me alive and she would encourage me to serve God. Ever since then, I have been attending church, even though I am from a Muslim background. I had been having some challenges, but I thank God for restoration. When I gave birth to my second child, I had a problem. I was taken back to my home country and was told there was a generational problem that needed to be sorted out. I told every member of my household not to take me to a native doctor but they didn’t listen to me, and took me there. While there, a mark of the devil. I eventually became born again and called on God saying if it was true that He called Bishop Oyedepo, He should save me from all my afflictions. I thank God because He heard me and delivered me from all my health challenges and generational curses. He has also restored my marriage. I give Him praise.Victoria A.

Generational Curse Broken

There are several people in my family who are barren of children. I promised God that I would get married as a virgin and no devil would shut my womb. I joined the commission in 2003 and completed the first two levels of the Word Of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI). I got in 2007 and a year later, I became pregnant. Today, I have three wonderful boys to the glory of God. The pregnancies were hitch free and the deliveries were marvellous. I give God praise. -
Bukola A.


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